Elasticated Rug Surcingle


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To keep all your rugs secure! One size fits all. 

4 reviews for Elasticated Rug Surcingle

  1. Destiny

    Excellent, well made item at a very good price. Good quality, works well.

  2. Jean

    Have a couple of horses who roll so much. These surcingles keep the rugs in place and allow me to not be confined to only buying rugs with cross surcingle

  3. Judy Evans

    I bought one of these because a couple of my horse’s unlined camas rugs are a bit short in the “drop”, and I find the elastic surcingle keeps them hugging his body, and they don’t hike up when he lies down. Great for a rug that doesn’t have cross-over belly straps.

  4. Angela

    I was told to use a surcingle to help keep the rug from slipping overnight and exposing areas for my horse to be bitten (midge – itch issues). It has done its job well.

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