Showcraft Pro 150 Cordless Clipper

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A professional single speed 150 watt clipper. Comes with two rechargeable powerful 400 mAh Lithium-ion Natteries. Each battery has a 90 minuite run time after a full 2 hour charge. Designed for horses, cattle and large dogs. Runs at a quiet 79 decibels. Weighs only 1.3kgs with battery. Blade cutting speed of 2800 rpm. CE approved with S.A.A. approved electrical cord & plug and EMC certification. Standard 1mm blade set assembled for a close 1-2mm clip length. Spare 3mm blade set which gives a longer 3-4mm clip length. Standard blade fitment system as used on most major clipper brands. Plus lubricating oil, cleaning brush, special screwdriver, operating manual. 12 month local warranty covers any mechanical or elictrical manufacturing defects.


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