Exclusive Oxford Deluxe Shade Mesh Combo


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Made from a soft heavy mesh that is 90% UV protective. This durable mesh allows ventilation keeping your horse cool whilst also protecting from flies and insects. Perfect for those hot summer days!

New Colour: Maroon/Cream


  • 3 buckles on neck no velcro
  • Double front chest strap
  • Satin lining in neck and shoulder
  • Fully bound
  • Removable leg straps
  • large tail flap

14 reviews for Exclusive Oxford Deluxe Shade Mesh Combo

  1. Brenton

    These rugs are great value. Sit well on all different types of horses and were delivered within the week. Would definitely buy again

  2. peta

    Great summer rug, with strong buckles and clips. Love it

  3. Leona

    This rug has not moved on my horse since it was put on him. The quality is excellent for the price and comparable to my other horse’s much more expensive shade rug. Size runs a fraction on the bigger size if I had to say. Only small thing is the very top of the neck rug turns in on itself but would 100% recommend this combo to anyone. Keeps horse cool and fly free.

  4. Donna

    Only fault I saw in this rug was there wasn’t any shoulder gussets, otherwise a good rug.

  5. Heather

    I have a compact thoroughbred and found the neck and shoulder shape too snug when I first put it on….but being plastic mesh I figured it would stretch and adapt. Which it did.
    The length (from chest to bum) is generous sizing – as seen in photos used on this website – so think about that if you have a horse that rolls alot or you simply prefer not having the buttocks swim in material.
    Ideal rug to have in the wardrobe for those unpredictable weather days in Spring and Autumn. You know the kind; sunny with flies in the morning, then rain in the afternoon and back to sun and flies afterwards! This rug is perfect for those days as the horse dries quickly, yet some sun and insect protection if offered when the run comes back out.

  6. mell

    Buckles and clips are so well made. True to sizing. Very soft mesh and sit well on a horse.

  7. Liz Miller RHONDHU STUD

    I have purchased 29 of these rugs now. I discussed rugs (decent quality at affordable money) with the business owner at Landmark 2019, and thought I’d try his.
    This particular rug fits very well, stays straight, and seems to be a good quality shade mesh.
    I find if I wet the horse then put on the rug, adjust the straps snug and let the horse stand in the sun for an hour or so tied, it shapes quite well to that horse. I then use cattle tags on a curtain ring to name the horse to the rug.
    I replace the back clips on arrival with brass clips, as the ones supplied are ordinary. I cut off the 3rd neck buckle & strap closest to the chest as it is not required, just another job to do. The 2 front chest straps are a headache; but also a good backstop if one breaks to save your rug.
    I find them a good size, maybe a tad on the large side of the said size. Good length where horses don’t stand on them getting up. Tail flap not too big, so no messy mare’s bums and they haven’t rubbed our horse’s shoulders. All up a pretty good quality rug for a very justifiable price; if they keep up supply and the price stays around the $80 mark. Good work Newmarket.

  8. Shea Hughes

    So far I am happy with this rug. The lining in the shoulder eliminated rug rub, and the sizing is very generous and my horse has stayed cool under it in full sun so far.

  9. jaime-lee Parker

    Got a size 7.0 for my two boys. The rugs came quickly through the mail. The rug was a bit of a smaller size 7.0. But still a good rug for the price. the neck part of the rug had lots of adjustment , the leg straps could of been a bit longer.

  10. Anna Szyszka

    Items arrived promptly to my house. Both horses are high withered and rug doesn’t contour to their topline well but stays in place. Less tail swishing at bugs and more wandering about instead of standing in the shade. Great summer solution.

  11. Maryann schuemaker

    Very happy with my combo we live in QLD my horse needs something she can still wear on hot days. Great price.I will be buying this combo again

  12. Michelle

    Lovely fit on my WB mare and definitely fly proof.

  13. Jess Foster

    Great for the really hot days, we left the rug on during our hottest this week and compared to the others with normal mesh. This rug kept the horse cool, no sweat, no warmth at all! Super happy with this rug, definitely going to get more in the future!

  14. Judy Mealing

    We have regular 40 degree days where I have been leaving my horse unrugged. Since receiving this rug, my horse no longer sweats and when I feel under the rug he always feels cool.
    Love it!

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