Woof Wear Fly Mask With Ears


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Woof Wear’s UV Fly Mask’s feature a no-rub design and protects horses from flies and midges.

  • Comfort Seams
  • Soft, Stretchy and Breathable Spacer Fabric
  • Forelock Friendly: Forelock in – Forelock can be safely tucked inside mesh. Unique closure prevents fly ingress. Forelock out – Unique closure allows forelock freedom.
  • 3D Ears – Ergonomic ear shape created by unique 3 seam construction.
  • Black Vision Mesh for relaxed all round vision. Black vision mesh has been independently tested to BS EN 13758-1: 2002 and blocks over 60% of harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Padded Nose Seal is soft and stretchy; it prevents insect ingress without rubbing

3 reviews for Woof Wear Fly Mask With Ears

  1. Aryana Barnhart

    I absolutely adore this fly mask my horse used to get very bad bug and fly bites as I live in the hot areas of Australia tho ever since purchasing this mask I have had no trouble with bugs and flys definitely recommend.

  2. Linda

    This is the first flyveil that I have purchased that fits so beautifully on welsh and arab wide-set eyes. It’s the best and looks great too.

  3. Linda

    this is a terrific product. I have an aged pony who is bothered by insects especially her ears so have bought one with ears and one without. They fit brilliantly. I have bought so many flyveils that don’t fit but this is perfect. Love it. Well done. Your sizing of P, C and F on your website doesn’t correspond with the S that arrived. Could be a bit confusing.

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