Bates & Wintec Easy-Change Gullet System


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Together the EASY-CHANGE® Gullet System and EASY-CHANGE® Riser System offer a complete fitting solution with unparalleled scope of adjustment for your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind. The EASY-CHANGE® Gullet System allows the width of your saddle to be adjusted to suit your horse’s changing shape.

EASY-CHANGE® gullets are available in six sizes:

  • Narrow (yellow)
  • Medium/Narrow (green)
  • Medium (black fitted as standard in your new Wintec® Saddle)
  • Medium/Wide (blue)
  • Wide (red) 
  • Extra Wide (white)


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Medium Wide (Blue), Wide (Red), Extra Wide (White), Narrow (Yellow), Medium Narrow (Green), Medium (Black)