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Made from Zilco’s hard-wearing, easy to maintain synthetic strapping.

This is a cross-over style bitless bridle. It features under jaw straps, which add gentle pressure to the poll, nose and chin when rein pressure is applied.

All fittings are strong, lightweight stainless steel, and it also features PVC anti-gall waffle material on the nose and head for added comfort.

The Zilco Arab size has been designed to fit Arabian type horses, however this bridle offers enough adjustment to fit some larger horses.

1 review for Zilco Bitless Bridle

  1. Rebecca

    I recently purchased this product, as I wanted to try my mare on a bitless bridle. It has been fantastic, and my mare loves it as well!

    She is a typical Arab, and whilst I would normally need to grab two sizes of bridle and use bits off both, for this one, I barely had to make any adjustments.

    This product gets a 4 out of 5, as the straps that attach to the reins can stick a little.

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